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Parents / Guardians of 7th grade students for 2016-17

Delta Middle School Information 2016-17


Daily Announcements and Events that are happening at the Middle School can be found on the website at www.pdys.org. under Middle School Announcement Archives.   The new student information system is the Parent Portal, found on our website, is an excellent way to stay informed of your child’s grades, attendance, events and daily bulletins (announcements).  If you currently do not have access to this Parent Portal system please call the office for assistance.  Please keep all your parent and student address, cell phone number and home number updated in the school office.

Regular School Hours 8:10 am – 2:55 pm.  If your student is absent please call the MS attendance phone extension line #1 to leave a message that includes your student's name and absent reason.  A parent/guardian or doctor note is required to excuse the student for the day, 5 absences are allowed per semester.  If an Advanced Absence is needed the form can be printed off the "District Forms" on our website or they are available in the school's office.

PowerSchool Parent Portal will be turned off for the summer.

Calamity day announcement information is available on all local television and radio stations.

Contact information:

Delta Middle School

1101 Panther Pride Drive

Delta, OH  43515

419.822.9118 office

419.822.8490 fax

PDY Middle School Mission Statement

The Pike-Delta-York Middle School provides a quality education focused on the needs of youth in transition from childhood to adolescence.  A partnership exists between parents, staff, and the community to ensure the academic and personal growth of our students.


The Delta Middle School had its kick off today for the Great American Fundraiser.  This school wide fundraiser includes magazines, Phone APP, Cookie Dough and Tumblers.  The orders and money need to be turned in Sept 8 to the first period teacher.  Checks can be made payable to: Delta Middle School.  Online sales can also be made: www.gaschoolstore.com : use code 258236.  The Delta Panther 24oz Tumbler item number is D0670 for $20  see any middle school student to order.

Product is due to arrive mid October cookie dough and tumblers

All visitors must report to the office and get a visitors pass.



DMS Important dates

The Daily Bulletin announcements can be sent to you email through the Powerschool Parent Portal parent preferences.  Please keep all cell phone, home phone and addresses up to date with the office so the School Messenger alert system will make


All parent/guardian of our current 6th grade students please note there is an informational immunization letter posted on our website from our school nurse.

All 7th grade students are required by the State of Ohio to have a booster dose of  the  Tdap and the Meningitis immunization or waiver on file.  Please provide proof of your student having this immunization to the MS Nurses office.  If you have any questions about childhood immunizations, please contact your family physician or the local health department at 419.337.0915 for an immunization appointment.



Make-Up Plans: PDY Local Schools is committed to maintaining a strong education program. Beginning with the 6th day the school buildings are closed, make up time will be attained in the following order:
1. January 13, 2017 will be a make up day (if available).
2. February 20, 2017 will be a make up day (if available).
3. April 17, 2017 will be a make up day (if available).
4. After April 17, 2017, an extended school day (30 minutes) will be implemented if necessary.
5. If needed, days may be added to the end of the school year.
*The calendar complies with the ORC and exceeds minimum hours requirements for Grade K-5 (910 hours) and Grades 6-12 (1001 hours). For purposes of Section 3313.48, school hours are calculated as the time Pike-Delta-York Schools are open for instruction with pupils in attendance, including scheduled classes, supervised activities, and approved education options but excluding lunch and breakfast periods and extracurricular activities.



Powerschool gradebook updates every Wednesday to view student grades. Powerschool grades, attendance and announcements can be viewed daily through the Parent Portal or sent to your email.

Assignments can be found on the PDYS.org website under school - Middle School - assignments   Choose the Tab that is your student's grade at the top

DMS Online Newsletter is available on our website under School  -Middle School  - newsletter



After School Detentions are from 3 - 4pm.

St Gov't meeting every Wednesday at 7:40am in Mrs. Juby's classroom 204

Dress for Success on Wednesdays.

Grade 7. Please provide the school nurse with a copy of your up to date immunization.  This year students must have both the Tdap and the Meningitis vaccine before entering the seventh grade.   Turn in a copy of your results when completed to our office. 

DMS September Newsletter can be found here:  http://pdys.org/files/September_2016.pdf


Sept 19  Mid term grades are in Parent Portal

Sept 21 First afterschool bowling with Mr. Kina, permission slips must be turned in, drivers needed, will return between 6 - 6:30 to the MS

Sept 21  Board of Education at 6:30pm

Sept 21  FCA Bible Club 6:45-8:15pm, gymnasium, students are not to arrive early

Sept 25 - 30 St Gov't sucker sale durning AA for 75 cents

Sept 25  FCA Bible Club 5 - 7pm gymnasium  SYATP Rally

Sept 26  All Band and Choir fundraiser is due to the band or choir teacher

Sept 27  MS VBall opponent has been changed to Fassett

Sept 27 SADD in the library at 7:40

Sept 29  MS Girls BB Camp grades 3, 4, 5, 6 are invited to participate in a camp October 18 and 19 please send in the form and money by Sept 29 to get a tee shirt. It will be at the MS from 3:30- 5:30

Oct 3 Camp Storer meeting, 2:15 Students, 3:00 Staff, 6pm Parents in our cafeteria

Oct 3  Picture retake day

Oct 12  5th grade Q1 Musical at 2:10 in our cafe'

Oct 10  Spirit Week

Oct 12 expected date of Great American fundraiser delivery

Oct 14 End of Quarter 1

Oct 17 No School staff inservice day

Oct 18  7th grade visit BGSU

Oct 19 Board of Education meeting 6:30

Oct 19 - 21 6th grade Camp Storer

Oct 20 SADD  3 - 4pm

Oct 24  Red Ribbon Week

Oct 25  Safety Day

Oct 27  Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov 1  Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov 5   Rakin the Town

Nov 14 - 18  Pirate Book fair

Nov 17  Girl Scouts for grade 5 will start at 2pm.  It will be every Thursday until Jan 12.

Dec 20  End of Quarter 2

Winter Break Dec 21 - Jan 2  School resumes Jan 3

Bell schedule DMS

 Regular School day:   2016/17 first day of classes  August 17, 2016

     8:00 am First Bell Rings (students dismissed to locker/class)

     8:10 am Tardy bell rings, students must be in the classroom seat

     Period 1   *8:10 - 8:53

     Period 2    8:56 - 9:36

     Period 3    9:39 - 10:22

     Period 4    10:25 - 11:05

     Period 5    11:07 - 12:18 

                       Grade 5  11:06 - 11:36 lunch/recess

                       Grade 5  11:38 - 12:18  class

                       Grade 6  11:06 - 11:36 lunch/recess

                       Grade 6  11:38 - 12:18  class

                       Grade 7  11:07 - 11:47 class

                       Grade 7  11:48 - 12:18 lunch/recess

                       Grade 8  11:07 - 11:47 class

                       Grade 8  11:48 - 12:18 lunch/recess

     Period 6    12:20 - 1:03

     Period 7     1:06 - 1:46

     Period 8     1:49 - 2:32

     Period 9     2:35 - 2:55


2 hour delay bell schedule

 School bell schedule for 2 hr delay

  10:05 Bell to dismiss to locker and class

  10:15 Tardy bell, students must be in classroom seats

    Period 1  10:10 - 10:45

    Period 2  10:48 - 11:16

    Period 5  11:19 - 12:19 

            Grade 5  11:16 - 11:46 lunch/recess

            Grade 5  11:49 - 12:19  class

            Grade 6  11:16 - 11:46  lunch/recess

            Grade 6  11:49 - 12:19 class

            Grade 7  11:19 - 11:49  class

            Grade 7  11:49 - 12:19  lunch/recess

            Grade 8  11:19 - 11:49 class

            Grade 8  11:49 - 12:19  lunch/recess

  Period 3  12:22 - 12:50

  Period 4  12 :53 - 1:21

  Period 6   1:24 - 1:52

  Period 7   1:55 - 2:23

  Period 8   2:26 - 2:55

Delta Middle School

1101 Panther Pride Drive

Delta, OH  43515

419-822-9118 office

419-822-8490 fax



Mr. Douglas J. Ford

Middle School Principal

419.822.9118 ext. 1104                                                          




Mrs. Debra Patterson                                                                      


419.822.9118 ext. 1102                                                          




Mrs. Sarah Fuerstenau                                                                      

Guidance Counselor                                                                

419.822.9118 ext 1107                                                            




Mrs. Wendy Nyquist                                                                        

Guidance Secretary                                                                

419.822.9118 ext. 1106                                                          



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