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Midde School Blizzard Bags

Middle School Blizzard Bags can be found under the Schools tab or by clicking HERE


Notice:  PDY Late start days  Feb 19, March 19 and April 16 have been Cancelled

Notice:  A 30 minute extended day will be in effect for PDY starting March 31, 2014 through May 15, 2014.  The Middle school day will be 8:00 - 3:10 for approximately 33 days.

PDY Blizzard Bags


RE: “Blizzard Bags” for future calamity days

Dear Parents,

It’s been quite a winter so far! The challenging weather is unprecedented, and as a result, Pike-Delta-York Schools have now had to close a total of 10 times. Like most districts in Ohio, we have exhausted our allowable 5 calamity days (snow days, etc.).  Because of the severe weather conditions, the Ohio Department of Education is offering an alternative to schools that essentially adds three additional calamity days if a “blizzard bag” policy is adopted.  The “blizzard bag” policy will allow our district to close if severe weather happens again without having to make up those days (up to three).  The PDY Board of Education adopted the “blizzard bag” policy on January 30th.

What are blizzard bags? 

Blizzard bags are lessons prepared by teachers in advance and posted on-line. For students without internet access, paper copies are also available and can be provided beforehand. Instead of simply missing school when we close, students are expected to complete the day’s assignment at home and hand them in to teachers when returning to school. If your child can't complete the work at home due to lack of internet access, etc., s/he will have two weeks to complete the assignments upon returning to school.  Our goal is to give our students opportunities to continue to learn even though school may have to be closed and to make this a success for all of our students.

Here is how this will work?

If we have to close school again you will receive an instant alert as usual, and a message that this is a “blizzard bag” day. Students will go to our website at www.pdys.org, click on the their building tab, then click on “blizzard bags”.  At that point they will see a grade level link, after clicking on that they will see their teachers name.  When clicking on that there will be assignments for them to complete.  Those assignments will be identified as “Blizzard Bag Day 1”, “Blizzard Bag Day 2”, and “Blizzard Bag Day 3”.  Again, if your child does not have internet access, or it isn't working that day, there is no need to worry.  Your child will be given the opportunity to make this work up over next two weeks when we return to school. In some cases, resources or material may be provided in advance. The intent is to make this easy, interesting, and relevant for students.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to endure this “historic winter”.  Safety is our number one goal for your child.  Having said that, we never want to be in a situation where we are worried about getting to school facing adverse weather conditions.  These blizzard bags help give us peace of mind, knowing our kids are safe, and that learning can continue.

If you have any questions, please call your child’s principal or teacher.



Jay LeFevre, Superintendent

Ellen Bernal, Elementary Principal

Mike Vicars, Middle School Principal

Marty Friess, High School Principal

PDY Now Accepting Online Payments for Lunches!

PayForIt, an online payment system, is now currently available and allows district families the convenience of paying for student lunches online.  Directions on signing up, making payments, as well as general information are available under the "Parents" tab or by clicking HERE.  You must use the Powerschool student ID number to create this account.

Delta Middle School 2013/2014 Information

Events that are happening at the Middle School can be found on the website at www.pdys.org. under Middle School Announcement Archives.   The new student information system is the Parent Portal, found on our website, is an excellent way to stay informed of your child’s grades, attendance, events and daily bulletins (announcements). You can also have all this information set up in the parent preferences to be emailed to you.  If you currently do not have access to this Parent Portal system please call the office for assistance.  Please keep all your parent and student address, cell phone number and home number updated in the school office.

Regular School Hours 8:15 am – 2:55 pm.  If your student is absent please call the MS absence phone extension line #1 to leave a message that includes your student's name and absent reason.  A parent/guardian or doctor note is required to excuse the student for the day.  5 absences are allowed per semester.  If an Advanced Absence is needed the form can be printed off the "District Forms" on our website or they are available in the school's office.

Schedule 3 Extended day hours will be 8:00 am - 3:10pm for 33 day after March 31st.

Calamity day announcement information is available on all local television and radio stations.

PDY Middle School Mission Statement

The Pike-Delta-York Middle School seeks to offer a quality education focused on the needs of youth in transition between childhood and adolescence. We believe that community involvement is necessary to help create this quality education. During this transitional period, the student will be given support and guidance to grow intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We commit ourselves to encourage academic and personal growth by providing a variety of learning experiences and trustworthy role models that will enable students to master the skills needed to cope with the demands of life.

Visitor Information

All visitors must report to the office and get a visitors pass.

All doors lock when school starts.


Important Dates

DMS Important dates

The Daily Bulletin announcements can be sent to you email through the Powerschool Parent Portal.  Please keep all cell phone, home phone and addresses up to date with the office.

Science Club information is available on our website under the Organizations tab

PDY MS Blizzard Bags can be found under Schools tab on our website

Tons of Lost and Found items are on the table be sure to check for any lost items


After Spring break on March 31 the school day will be extended by 30 minutes.  15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the original  time.  School day will run from 8:00 to 3:10pm (for 33 school days) approximately until May 15, 2014.  Students will be released to their lockers at 7:50am


April 17 NJHS Lock in


April 18 No School Good Friday

Apr 21 Monday is “Lazy Day”  - wear your PJ’s
Apr 22 Tuesday is  “ Reading your way to Success – Dress like your favorite book character
Apr 23 Wednesday is “ Education fits my plan”  - Wear your favorite college sweatshirt or t-shirt .
Apr 24 Thursday is “Education is my future” – Dress like your future occupation.  
Apr 25 Friday is “ Spirit of Education “ – Wear all the Delta green that you can.

April 23  Cheer tryout practice for grades 6 - 12    4:30 - 6  @ DMS gym

April 28  Cheer tryout practice for grades 6 - 12   4:30 - 6  @ DMS gym

April 30  Cheer tryout practice for grades 6 - 12   4:30 - 6  @ DMS gym

May 3  Cheer try outs  @ 10am - 1  in the DHS gym

April 24  UT planetarium trip for Science Club

April 25 Pep Assembly for OAA testing

April 29 - May 16  OAA *testing dates

  *April 29  Reading OAA  grades 5, 6, 7  and 8

  *May 1 Math OAA  grades 5, 6, 7 and 8

  *May 6  Science OAA grade  5 and 8


May 2 Wetlands Field trip for grades 5 and 6

May 14 Mudhen's field trip  grade 6

May 14 Metropark Canal field trip grade 5

May 16 DMS Talent Show

May 20 Kalahari magazine award trip

May 22   8th grade field trip

May 26 PDY No School Memorial day

May 30 8th grade promotion

May 30 Early release and last day of classes



August 14 Open House  2 - 6 pm

August 20  First day of school

Bell Schedule

Schedule 3 PDY Extended day by 30 minutes

Starting March 31 for 33 school days.

First bell 7:50am

Period 1  8:00 - 8:53

Period 2  8:56 - 9:44

Period 3  9:47 - 10:35

Period 4  10:38 - 11:26

Period 5  Lunch Grade 8/7  11:29 - 11:59

               Class Grade 8/7  12:02 - 12:50

Period 5  Class Grade 5/6  11:29 - 12:17

                Lunch Grade 5/6  12:20 - 12:50

Period 6  12:53 - 1:41

Period 7  1:44 - 2:32

Period AA  2:37 - 3:10






Bell schedule DMS

Schedule 1 Regular School day:

     8:10 am First Bell Rings (students dismissed to locker/class)

1) 8:15 am - 9:03 am Tardy Bell Rings  Start of School Day

2)  9:06 am - 9:49 am

3)  9:52 am - 10:35 am

4) 10:38 am - 11:21 am 

5) 11:22 - 11:52  8th gr lunch  11:54 - 12:38 class

     11:22 - 11:52  7th gr lunch  11:54 - 12:38 class

     12:08 - 12:38  6th gr lunch  11:24 - 12:07 class

     12:08 - 12:38  5th gr lunch   11:24 - 12:07  class

6) 12:40 pm - 1:23 pm

7)  1:26 pm - 2:09  pm

AA)  2:14 pm - 3:05 pm  Academic Assist

      2:55 p.m. Dismissal Begins

Contact Us


Dennis Ford

Mike Vicars
Middle School Principal
419.822.9118 ext. 1104





Debra Patterson


419.822.9118 ext. 1102




Wendy Nyquist

Guidance Secretary

419.822.9118 ext. 1106



Mrs. Karen Milek

Guidance Counselor

419.822.9118 ext 5179




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