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Varsity Girls Soccer Pics

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2017 Girls Soccer Schedule

Thursday, August 24 @ Liberty Center 5:00pm  
Saturday, August 26 @ Cardinal Stritch 4:00pm  
Tuesday, August 29 @ Evergreen 7:00pm  
Saturday, September 2 TOLEDO CHRISTIAN 11:00am  
Thursday, September 7 NORTHWOOD 5:00pm  
Saturday, September 9 @ Whitmer 1:00pm  
Monday, September 11 @ Springfield 7:00pm  
Thursday, September 14 BRYAN 5:00pm  
Tuesday, September 19 SWANTON 5:00pm  
Saturday, September 23 OTTAWA HILLS 12:00pm  
Tuesday, September 26 @ Genoa 5:00pm  
Thursday, September 28 @ Archbold 7:00pm  
Tuesday, October 3 @ Waite 5:00pm  
Saturday, October 7 OTSEGO 11:00am  
Tuesday, October 10 BOWSHER 5:00pm  
Thursday, October 12 WAUSEON 5:00pm  

*Home games played at soccer field by Middle School

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Goalkeeper - Most wins: Season: (9) Rileigh Vasquez 2012
    (9) Katie Lorenzen 2008
  Career: (23) Katie Lorenzen 2008
Goalkeeper - Most shutouts: Season: (7) Rileigh Vasquez 2012
    (4) Katie Lorenzen 2008
  Career: (9) Rileigh Vasquez 2012
    (8) Katie Lorenzen 2008
Most goals: Game:
(4) Danielle McQuillin 2009
    (4) Amelia Kern 2007
  Season: (18) Amelia Kern 2008

(32) Amelia Kern 2008
(two year career)

Most assists: Game:
(3) Morgan Mattimore 2012
    (3) Calla Lulfs 2007
(13) Morgan Mattimore 2012
    (10) Amelia Kern 2008
(14) Calla Lulfs 2008
(two year career)
Most points: Game: (9) Jessica Kern 2008
  Season: (46) Amelia Kern 2008
(75) Amelia Kern 2008 (two year career)



REQUIRED FORMS   ***Must be turned in by Aug. 5th
Injury Waiver Form * Emergency Medical Form * Consent to Ride Form


Mandatory Practice

Monday through Friday from 6:00PM – 8:00PM beginning August 4th.   If you are aware of any high school girls who are not involved in other Delta Fall sports, talk to them about soccer.  If anyone is interested in dual sports, please talk to Coach Kern to work out the details.

After-School Practice

Monday through Friday from 3:30PM – 6:00PM beginning the first day of school.  Unexcused absences from practice could result in missing games. 

If you are sick and do not go to school or leave school early, you still have to call the coach before practice in order for your absence to be excused.

Game Schedule

Games and scrimmages  are mandatory.  All players are expected to show up in Delta uniform and ready to play any position.  Scrimmages are during the try-out period so make sure you come prepared to give it your all!

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT:  You must have shinguards and cleats before mandatory practices.   In order to keep your cost down, you may choose your own cleats and shinguards.  All shinguards must be NOCSAE Standard and that tag on the inside of the guard must be intact. 
Socks are $15 – will get black/white pairs. 
Team shirts will be decided soon – cost TBA. 
Warm ups for new players will be ordered soon – cost approx. $85.  Invoices to come.

CONDITIONING:  You should all be conditioning on your own- it will show during mandatories if you aren’t.  Recommended Regimen: 
1.  Run/Jog 1+ miles per day. 
2.  Ball Skills 30+ minutes per day. 
3.  Weight Training. 
Ask your coach for suggestions if you need specific drills. EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO RUN THE WARM UP BEFORE PRACTICE – NO WALKING ALLOWED SO BE READY.

ATHLETIC PHYSICALS:  Forms are available at the high school office and website.  Please let your coach know immediately when this is completed – you cannot play/practice without it, starting Aug. 5th, but must attend practice anyway.

POSITIONING, ETCPositioning and play time is decided by the coach only and is not open to discussion.  This will depend on many factors including but not limited to ability, attitude, effort and team needs.  The TEAM need will always  come before an INDIVIDUAL’S desires.  Play time/positioning will not be determined by player’s age, years of play or what position she played previously.

All correspondence will come home with the players.  If you want to be on an email list, some correspondence can be sent through email.  Players are responsible for corresponding with their parents and for communicating any concerns to the coach during practice time – not during/before game time.

Captains will be chosen by the coach at the beginning of the season.  Being a team captain is a big responsibility and isn’t always fun.  It also isn’t a political or popularity decision.  Decisions are final and will be based on team needs.  Captains are expected to uphold coaching decisions at all times.

FUNDRAISER:  No Fundraiser this year. PAC has helped us so we will be helping them at Football and Basketball concessions. Details to come.   

PAY-TO-PARTICIPATE: No info at this time but expect to pay as you did last year or see an increase.  This is handled through your school fees.

SPIRIT SHIRTS:  Soccer apparel will be for sale at the beginning of the school year.  The soccer fund will receive 70% of the net proceeds directly.  Order forms will be sent home and also available online soon.  We ask that you try to sell a minimum of 4 items.

CONCESSIONS:  In previous years we have had a small concession stand set up at each home game.  The soccer program received all proceeds. If we have this again, we need 1-2 parents to take over organizing it and getting everything set up/torn down each game.  We will also need parent volunteers to work it each game.  You will still be able to watch the game while working.  Please let us know if you can be an organizer for this.


Contact Info:

Head Coach            John Kern                 419-583-6722
Asst. Coach            Charlie Franklin        419-304-1400
Asst. Coach            Tim Durfey                419-787-5306


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