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NOCAC 2016 Summer Food Program

Fun activities and delicious healthy meals are included in this year's Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), sponsored by NOCAC.  For more information, including dates, times, and locations, please click here.



Guidance News


Dear Parent / Guardian,

    During the 2015 – 2016 school year the Character Education Program will continue.  Evidence of positive growth and development has been demonstrated through focusing on character traits.  We will focus again this year on character traits for each quarter.  Themes that were determined to be significant are as follows:

1st Quarter ~  Respect / Responsibility              3rd Quarter ~ Caring / Cooperation

2nd Quarter ~ Good Citizenship/ Self-discipline   4th Quarter ~ Honesty / Patience 


    August 31st will begin the quarterly focus on character for students showing  Respect/Responsibility.  This school year students will be encouraged to be a good example.  Their actions, behavior and attitude show they are good role models.  In addition to receiving ‘panther tickets’ for being good role models within the school, students can receive them for their actions at home.  Children can bring in notes stating what he or she did to show they’re a good role model.

    Students will be rewarded when ‘panther tickets’ with their names are placed in the office container for a drawing each week.  Panther tickets can be earned when students help without being asked to help, give a compliment to someone, include others in an activity and other actions that show they are good role models.

          Children look to the adults they know to act as models for examples of character traits. Perhaps through our demonstrations of respect/responsibility the students will recognize the significance of these character traits.  In addition, your child will receive a character certificate to display at home suggesting various ideas about this quarter’s themes.  This will be a reminder to your family members about how to show respect and responsibility.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation with this quarter’s focus on respect and responsibility.


The Character Education Committee

Please detach the character certificate below to display at home


1st  Quarter Focus on... Respect and Responsibility


Being respectful means ~ Treating others and yourself with kindness

~ Obeying rules and guidelines at home and in school

~ Being quiet when someone else’s talking or answering a question

~ You act fair toward others in the community and the classroom.


Being responsible means ~You are dependable and do what you say you will do.

~ You can admit your mistakes and learn from them.

~ You take care of things that belong to you.

~ You are in charge of the choices you make and the consequences. 



School Hours: 8:05 am -2:55 pm

* Students may enter the building no earlier than 7:45 am, at which time they may go to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Building Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Visitors to Delta Elementary School are asked to park in the spots marked for visitors.  Do not park in spots designated/reserved for staff or handicapped without a permit.  The visitor parking is for those who are entering the building.  Otherwise, for student drop off and pick up please use the car loop.

Car Loop Details:

Arrival: The loop is less busy after 8:00 am for drop off.  We realize the car loop is busy, but keep in mind safety is our #1 concern.

• Use the curbside lane, drive slowly, pulling up all the way.
• Avoid large gaps between cars. (Do NOT park and get out in the car loop to walk your child(ren) to the front door!)
• Only let your child exit from the passenger side.
Dismissal: Arrive after 2:45 pm to line up for dismissal.  The loop is less busy after 3:15 pm for pick up.  We realize the car loop is busy, but keep in mind safety is our #1 concern.

• Use the curbside lane, drive slowly, pulling up ALL THE WAY around the circle to the furthest sign.
• Avoid large gaps between cars.  Do NOT park and get out of your vehicle in the car loop to pick up your child(ren).  Our staff will assist your child(ren) into your vehicle if needed.
• Only let your child enter from the passenger side.

Following these steps helps reduce congestion and provides a safe/efficient pick up area.


Ellen Bernal
Elementary Principal


Dana Meiring
Principal Secretary



Brenda McCullough
Guidance/Attendance Secretary




A Note from the Office

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Vision Statement

Children will leave Delta Elementary with a set of moral values, high personal expectations, respect for others, and social, as well as academic, skills.

Mission Statement

Delta Elementary provides a safe and challenging learning environment for ALL students.  Student growth is fostered by positive relationships with other students and staff.

Caught Being Good

The Kindergarten class had a special treat on March 18.  After winning the Caught Being Good challenge for the 3rd quarter, the students had a special visit from a magician.  They were entertained and awed by his magical talents.  Thanks to our Magic Man, Pattrick, for the great entertainment!


Pictured below, from left to right: Harper gets a coin pulled from his ear.  Damian tries to help put a special necklace back together.  Jacob uses his magnetism to hold some spoons on his body.  Chyann gets a special flower from the magic table.


Spelling Bee Winner

Avery Tedrow got second place in the Fulton County Spelling Bee on February 9, 2016.  Congratulations, Avery!  We are so proud of you!!



101st Day of School

The first grade students celebrated their 101st day at school on Febraury 4, with a 101 Dalmatians theme.  Students and teachers dressed up and celebrated the day with many fun activities.

Grinch Day

The Kindergarten classes had a great day celebrating Grinch Day on Friday, December 4.  The students had some fun while still working hard on their learning standards. 




Fall Harvest

The fourth grade students at Delta Elementary took a step back in time on Friday. With teachers and many students in costume, they spent the day learning about the life and times of pioneers as they made Johnnycakes, sang songs, played games, and made a mini log cabin. A special guest from Sauder's Village also visited to reenact how teaching and learning took place in a one room school house. What a great day of fun and learning!





Firefighters visit Delta Elementary

The Delta Fire Department came to visit the kindergarten students for Fire Safety Week. This year's theme is, "Hear the Beep, Where you Sleep!" The firefighters taught the students about finding a family meeting place and checking to see that we have smoke detectors in our homes. Thank you to Fire Fighter Jeremy, Fire Fighter Kim, and Fire Fighter Josh for teaching us all about fire safety!

3rd Grade Ag Fest

Third graders from Delta Elementary joined area schools on September 23, 2015 for Ag Fest at the Fulton County Fairgrounds.  During Ag Fest, students visited several different stations throughout the day.  These stations provided hands-on learning opportunities that correlated with state curriculum standards in math, science, social studies, and language arts. Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District hosted the event, and many area sponsors and volunteers made this fun day of learning possible. 


Below, Brodey Roth is getting a sample of how life was different in the 1800s.