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BIG game benefits the Fulton County Historical Society

Delta Elementary School used the historic rivalry between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines to help raise over $700 for the proposed Fulton County Historical Museum.  Learning about local history is an important part of our school’s curriculum.  The students always enjoy exploring what life was like for our founding citizens.  They are amazed at how different life is now compared to life in the past.  They are especially surprised when they see pictures of their village and surrounding communities from 100 years ago or more, and observe how much it has changed over the years. 

Pictured above from left to right are Carl Bueher, Historical Society Presdient, Leigh Morris, Faith Kern, Max York, students, Ellen Bernal, principal, and John Swearinger, Historical Society Director. Information about the new Fulton County Historical Museum can be found on their website, www.fultoncountyhs.org.

Pint-Size Heroes Blood Drive

Delta Elementary is once again hosting the Pint-Size Heroes Blood Drive.  The drive will be December 11, 2014 from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Delta Elementary gymnasium.  The Pint-Size Heroes program allows students, who are too young to give blood, to recruit adults to donate blood to help save lives.  Students who recruit an adult to donate will receive a special prize from the American Red Cross as a Pint-Size Hero.  There are two ways to schedule an appointment: 

1. Sign up through your Delta Elementary student.  Students received a letter with which they can register up to 2 adults.

2. Visit redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code DELTAPINT

Thank you in advance for helping our students be heroes and saving lives!


School Hours: 8:05 am -2:55 pm

* Students may enter the building no earlier than 7:45 am, at which time they may go to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Building Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Visitors to Delta Elementary School are asked to park in the spots marked for visitors.  Do not park in spots designated/reserved for staff or handicapped without a permit.  The visitor parking is for those who are entering the building.  Otherwise, for student drop off and pick up please use the car loop.

Car Loop Details:

Arrival: The loop is less busy after 8:00 am for drop off.  We realize the car loop is busy, but keep in mind safety is our #1 concern.

• Use the curbside lane, drive slowly, pulling up all the way.
• Avoid large gaps between cars. (Do NOT park and get out in the car loop to walk your child(ren) to the front door!)
• Only let your child exit from the passenger side.
Dismissal: Arrive after 2:45 pm to line up for dismissal.  The loop is less busy after 3:15 pm for pick up.  We realize the car loop is busy, but keep in mind safety is our #1 concern.

• Use the curbside lane, drive slowly, pulling up ALL THE WAY around the circle to the furthest sign.
• Avoid large gaps between cars.  Do NOT park and get out of your vehicle in the car loop to pick up your child(ren).  Our staff will assist your child(ren) into your vehicle if needed.
• Only let your child enter from the passenger side.

Following these steps helps reduce congestion and provides a safe/efficient pick up area.


Ellen Bernal
Elementary Principal


Dana Meiring
Principal Secretary



Brenda McCullough
Guidance/Attendance Secretary





Large book bag (not on wheels)

4 oz. bottle of white Elmer’s Glue

4 large glue sticks (or 8 small size)

2 Boxes of 24 packs of Crayola crayons

1 Set of 8 Crayola Markers (Thick Classic Colors)

Fiskar’s blunt scissors

Rectangular pink eraser

An old shirt that can be used for painting

Large box of Kleenex

Container of disinfectant wipes

1 roll of paper towels

1 large package of napkins

1 pair of cheap small headphones

1 box Gallon size zipper storage baggies (boys only)

1 box sandwich size zipper storage baggies (girls only)

2 Black EXPO Dry Erase markers (Thick)

The school will provide supply box, pencils, & folder.  Please put your child’s name on all supplies.



3 boxes of Crayola crayons

4 large pink erasers

4 Large glue sticks or 8 small glue sticks

Set of 10 Crayola Markers Thick Classic Colors

2 Black EXPO Dry Erase Markers

Pointed Fiskar scissors

2 Large boxes of tissues

Boys-Gallon size Ziploc bags & disinfectant wipes

Girls-Sandwich size zip-top bags & baby wipes

Large Book Bag (not on wheels)

1 pair of cheap small headphones

2 plastic folders

1 plastic school supply box (small enough to fit in desk)

Paint shirt

Real coins in a zip-top bag with your child’s name on it

10 Pennies, 10 Nickels, 10 Dimes, 4 Quarters

All extra glue sticks & crayons will be stored and passed out to students as needed.



School box

1 wide rule spiral single subject notebook

4 glue sticks

1 pair pointed Fiskar scissors

2 large boxes of tissues

10 Crayola washable markers

1 Book bag or backpack

2 separate boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

1 yellow highlighter

1 red pen

1 wooden ruler with cm/inches

1 chunky eraser

2 black dry erase marker (example EXPO brand)

1 box of quart size zip-top baggies

1 container Lysol/Clorox wipes to use in the classroom

1 Paint Shirt

1 dry erase eraser (i.e. sock/cloth/eraser)

The School will provide pencils & folders



2 pkg. of 24 #2 lead pencils

2 Erasers

2 red pens

Quality scissors

Crayons (any size)


4 Glue sticks

1 yellow highlighter

2 packages of Wide-Ruled loose-leaf paper

2 spiral one-subject 70 count wide-ruled notebooks

1 large box of tissues

1 roll of paper towels

1 container Clorox Disinfecting wipes

Paint shirt

1 box Gallon size zipper storage baggies (boys only)

1 box sandwich size zipper storage baggies (girls only)

School box (not too big-our desks are small)

4 Dry Erase Markers



2 - 24 pkgs. of #2 lead pencils

Pencil pouch (No boxes please)

Colored pencils (box of 12)

Markers (box of 8)

Crayons (No more than 24)

Pointed scissors                                  

2 glue sticks                            

1 large box of tissues (girls)

1 roll of paper towels (boys)                

3 spiral single subject perforated notebooks – Wide Ruled-red & blue & yellow

1 three-ring binder - 1 1/2”plain solid color

2 Highlighters

2 red pens

2 wide dry erase markers

2 jumbo book covers

Small cheap headphones

1 Single D Cell battery

1 single AA battery

NO Trapper Keepers

Please label all supplies with your child’s name


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